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Audio Visual Bibliography

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Audio Visual Bibliography

See Focus on Buddhism, ed. Robert A. McDermott (Chambersburg,Pa: Anima Books, 1981) for additional information about the films listed produced prior to 1980. Contains addresses of film distributors.

Angkor: The Lost City  12 minutes, b/w 16mm, 1961. National Film Board of Canada. Available from The Pennsylvania State University, AV Services. A useful overview of the Angkor complex.

Being the Buddha in LA. 45 minutes, color video, 1993, WGBH/Michael Camarini producer. Distributor: WGBH, 125 Western Ave., Allston, MA. 02134. An exploration of Buddhism in America focusing on Los Angeles. The film includes scenes from an ordination at a Cambodian monastery.

Blue Collar and Buddha  57 minutes, color, videocassette, 1987, Taggart Siegel Producer. Distributor: Siegel Productions, PO. Box 6123, Evanston, IL 60602. A realistic exploration of a Laotian community, their monastery, and the reaction of the people of Rockford, Illinois, where it is located.

Borobudur: The Cosmic Mountain 40 minutes, color, 16mm, 1972. Zodiac FilmsiBrian Brake producer. Available from the University of Michigan, AV Educational Center; University of California at Berkeley, Extension Media Center. Presents Borobudur within the historical and cultural context of Java.

The Buddha: Temple Complex at Borobudur 11 minutes, 16 mm, Sepia, 1960. Film Images/Radim Films/Henre Dore producer. Available from University of Chicago AV Center.

Buddhism in Southeast Asia and Ceylon (slides) 220 slides, color. Asian Religions Media Resources/Charles A. Kennedy producer. Distributor: Visual Ed. Service, Yale University Divinity School, 409 Prospect St., New Haven, CT. 06511.

Buddhism, Burma, and Neutralism 55 minutes, b/w, 16mm, 1957. Paul Nevin director. Available from University of Michigan AV Educational Center. Presents the interface of Buddhism and politics in U Nu's Burma. Reflects 1950s American attitudes toward Burmese neutrality.

Buddhism: Be Ye Lamps Unto Yourselves 29 minutes, color, 16mm, 1973. ABC/Howard Enders producer. Available from University of Minnesota AV Library Services, University of Missouri Academic Support Center. An effective film on contemporary Thai Buddhism. An introduction to Theravàda Buddhism constructed around an ordination ceremony.

Buddhism, Footprint of the Buddha 54 minutes, color. 16mm and videocassette, 1977. BBC Long Search Series/Peter Montagnon producer. Distributor: Time-Life Video, Inc. 100 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, NJ 07652. Buddhism in Sri Lanka narrated by Ronald Eyre. Focuses on monastic lift: and interaction between monk and laity. Highly recommended.

Cave Temples of lndia--Buddhist 9 minutes, b/w, 16mm, 1961. Government of India/M. Bhavanani producer. Available from Government of India, Information Services, Washington, D.C. A useful though brief overview of the development of Buddhist cave temple/monastery sculpture in India.

Chiang Mai, Northern Capital 15 minutes, color, 16mm, 1971. Australian Information Services, Our Asian Neighbors Series/John Morris and Thanom Soonaratna producers. Available from Australian Information Services, Australian Consulate General, NY. Presents selected aspects of northern Thai culture including the end of the rains retreat and Loi Krathong.

The Evolution of the Buddha Image 74 slides, 1963. The Asia Society of New York producer. Presents the development of the Buddha image in Buddhist Asia. The Asia Society Exhibition catalogue by Benjamin Rowland and the slide set are available in many university and college libraries.

Gautama the Buddha 78 minutes, b/w, 16mm, 1956. Government of India/Bhimal Roy producer. Available from Government of India, Information Services, Washington, DC. Uses images and bas-reliefs to portray the life of the Buddha.

The Glory that Remains 30 minutes, color, 16mm, 1969. BBC/Adrian Malone producer. Available from The Pennsylvania State University AV Services. An appreciation of the great artistry of early Indian Buddhist sculpture. Focuses on Asokan pillars, inscriptions, the Sàcã ståpa.

I am a Monk 30 minutes,color, 16mm and videocassette, 1978. Hartley Productions/Elda Hartley producer. Distributor: Hartley Film Foundation, Cat Rock Road, Cos Cob, CT. 06807. Explores the motivations, rewards, and life experiences of an American monk in Thailand.

Image Bank 5,500 color slides cross-indexed by tradition, theme, and geographic area. Distributor: Center for the Study of World Religions, 42 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 02138. Includes material on Buddhist Southeast Asia.

Immortal Stupa 14 minutes, b/w, 16mm, 1961. Government of India/ Bhimal Roy producer. Available from Government of India, Information Services, Washington, D.C. Focuses on the Sàcã bas-reliefs. Primarily of art historical interest.

In the Steps of the Buddha 19 minutes, color, 16mm. Government of Sri Lanka/P. Hettarachi director. Distributor: Tribune Films, 38 West 32nd St., New York, NY 10001. Presents episodes from the life of the Buddha found in the Dãpavaüsa as portrayed primarily in the modern mural paintings at Kelaniya near Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Killing Fields Commercial film. Available through video rental stores. Powerful depiction of the impact of the Vietnam War on Cambodia.

Land of Enchantnent 12 minutes, b/w, 16mm, 1953. Government of India/M. Bhavanani producer. Available from Government of India, Information Services, Washington, D.C. Through the device of pilgrimage to sacred sites this film shows some of the key locations in the sacred geography of Buddhist India.

Life and Work of Buddhadàsa Bhikkhu 25 minutes, color, videocassette, 1987. Children's Foundation producer. Distributor: Suksit Siam 113-115, Fuangnakorn Rd., Bangkok 10200, Thailand. An introduction to the noted Thai monk, Buddhadàsa, filmed at his monastery in southern Thailand.

Little Buddha Commercial film. Available through video rental stores. An appealing presentation of the life of the Buddha.

Rebuilding the Temple: Cambodians in America 60 minutes, color, videocassette, 1991. Florentine Films/Claudia Levin and Lawrence Holt producers. Distributor: Direct Cinema Limited Library, P.O. Box 135, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417.

Samsàra 29 minutes, color videocassette, 1992. Ellen Bruno producer. Distributor: Film Library, 22nd Holywood Ave., Hohokus, NJ 07423. Cambodia after Pol Pot.

Sachi 50 slides. Asian Art Archives, University of Michigan, Walter M. Spink and Deborah Levine producers. Distributor: Interbook Inc., 13 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003. A detailed presentation and explanation of Sàcã with accompanying notes.

The Smile 20 minutes, color, 16mm, 1963. Tamara Films/Serge Borguignon producer. Available from the Florida State University Instructional Support Center, the University of Wisconsin/Madison Bureau of AV Instruction. Depicts Burmese Buddhism through the experiences of a young novice monk in Burma.

Temple of the Twenty Pagodas 22 minutes, color, 16mm, 1971. Information Services/John Morris and Thanom Soonaratna producers. Available from Australian Information Services, New York. Presents a in the life of a Theravàda Buddhist temple-monastery outside of Lampang; northern Thailand.

Thai Images of the Buddha 14 minutes, color, 16mm, 1962. University of Indiana/Arts of the Orient. Available from the University of Indiana AV Services. Informative film tracing the evolution of the Buddha image through various periods of Thai art history.

Thailand 52 minutes, color, 16mm, 1979. Australian Information Services/ John Temple producer. PBS-Views of Asia Series. Available from Australian Information Services, New York. A sympathetic portrayal of within a general survey of modern Thailand.

Vejen 22 minutes, color, 16mm, 1971. Carousel Films, Inc./Elsebet Kjolbye producer. Distributor: Carousel Films, Inc., 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. Focuses on the experience of a young boy in his capacity as an attendant to a monk. Culminates in his ordination as a novice.

Vesak 18 minutes, color, 16mm, 1975. Yvonne Hanneman producer. Distributor: Focus International, Inc., 1776 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. A cultural film on the festival of Vesak in Sri Lanka which celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and final nibbana of the Buddha.


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